Conducting Your Business with NCR Counterpoint POS

While you’re impressing your customers, our software is behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front-of-house is a seamless experience. Whether it’s in front of a crowd of thousands or impressing that loyal patron, our complete retail solution will harmonize your retail business.

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RMS-US provides integrated business solutions for small to medium-sized specialty retailers.

This allows your front-line staff to deliver a pleasant and frictionless customer experience with every sales transaction – whether completed at the counter or online.

We are a vendor of NCR Counterpoint, which includes robust POS, inventory management software, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing and configurable reporting capabilities. By focusing on the right solution for your business, RMS-US can help streamline your purchasing and receiving, enhance merchandising, optimize engagement with savvy customers, and most importantly, boost your bottom line.

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